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So, today I decided to launch my own online store. Something I said I’d never do but here I am! I thought long and hard trying to figure out how my store could differ from everyone else’s  and ultimately make me some money. I mean, that’s what this is all about - money. Thinking about that Instagram meme that shows the bread isle at the grocery store with the caption “if you think your field is too saturated walk down the bread isle” ...anywho, I guess the point I’m making is this online boutique can thrive just like anything else with effort. I have this idea that their are people out there that would enjoy my fashion esthetic. The sleek person who doesn’t mind a hint of BLAKC or a goth walker who wants nothing but black cloths  on to dim the day. 

All Blakc is an online accessory and clothing store that sells specialty “Blakc” items. The founder, who shall forever remain nameless, has a background in the beauty industry. As a forward person she dreads the carbon copy style everyone runs to when something is trending. You won’t find that type of fashion here. At you’ll find that unique black piece that will distract the entire outfit, people will stop and ask where you got your “All Blakc” item and you’ll tell a friend to visit our website without hesitation. 

We at, All Blakc, want to start off by saying thank you! Thank you for your support, your referrals, your comments, questions and concerns! We start off with a bang! An All Blakc Bang!!!